Ali Biles Edit

Ali Serena Biles is the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, the beautiful daughter of Lucia's younger sister Lucy, and the one who inherits the Hot Pink Pearl. Ali has three forms, human, mermaid, and idol form.

Personality Edit

Ali is extremely bubbly and kind. She always has an optimistic outlook and will never give up. She got that confident, optimistic trait from her mother, and the cute, kind attitude from her aunt Lucia. Ali is kind to everyone, even those who bully her. This ticks off her friends, seeing that she won't fight back. Ali is currently in love with a handsome boy named Timothy. She has a huge crush on him, but Timothy is actually really cold and rude in person, so he doesn't like her back until later in the first season.

Appearance Edit

As a human, Ali is very adorable. She has long, blonde hair that flows down to her thighs. Ali also has fair skin, bright blue eyes, and a ribbon tied to the side of her hair. For her school uniform, she wears a sailor style outfit, just like Lucia and her gang. Outside of school, she usually wears a magenta tank top and jean shorts. Ali tans very easily out in the sun, so she often stays inside the house to protect her sensitive skin from sun damage. Whenever she goes outside, even in the winter, she has to wear sunscreen or else she will burn. She is average height, at about 5 ft 2.

As a mermaid, Ali has an appearance similar to Lucia's. Ali's hair is now magenta with red streaks, and her eyes turn red. Her skin is just as sensitive to sunlight, so she hardly ever visits the surface except to turn into a human and meet Timothy. Ali has a hot pink mermaid tail and shell bra, with pearl accents. Instead of one plain red ribbon she wears two pink ones. Ali carries a golden pink trident, a magical talisman that embodies great power in which Ali is too young and naive to actually use, until she finally uses it to seal the Aquatic Realm from the evil Jimothy and his minions.

As an idol, Ali wears a glitzy, fashionable outfit, similar to what a toddler would wear to a beauty pageant. Ali's pop-star dress is glittery pink and red, with a pearl waistline. The tutu part of the dress is frilly magenta, and her boots are plain pearlescent pink with hot pink fabric tiers flowing off the top. Ali has the most powerful voice ever, defeating minions in single shots.

Powers Edit

Ali has a few powers. She sings, communicates with animals, and the ability to control water. She can sing pop music, rap, country, and rock.

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