Aya Suzumi is the second mermaid princess to appear in Mermaid Melody Pop Stars and is Serena's first friend on land. She is also the keeper of the Cerulean Pearl.

Aya is a normally elegant and shopaholic girl. She loves possessing certain luxuries and will never turn down an offer to win a lot of money. She was adopted by a rich human family on land. She never told Serena at first because she thought she was a human. Aya comes from the Gulf of California and is a luxurious mermaid princess.

Aya has long wavy dark blue hair tied in a headband and bright blue eyes as a human and body-length bright blue hair and lighter blue eyes as a mermaid and idol. Aya also appears to have changing of skin color. As a human, it is peach, and as a mermaid, it is tan. Aya usually wears elegant and mature clothing, and always seems to bring her sassy dark blue purse around. She is attractive to most boys, but always rejects them.

Birthday: November 8

Star Sign: Scorpio

Blood Type: B negative

Birthplace: Gulf of California

Age: 14-15

Alias: Princess Aya (by her servants), Aya-San (by her friends), Madame (by her maid), Suzumi-San (by her classmates), Aya (by her family)

Hopes to Go: Canada

Favorite Subject: English

Least Favorite Subject: Biology

Favorite Food: Ramen

Least Favorite Food: Blackberry Cobbler

Favorite Flower: Water Lilies

Favorite Type of Boys: Attractive Boys

Image Songs: World Is Mine ( Hatsune Miku), Electric Angel(Kagamine Rin/Len), Chocola á la folie, Roar(Katy Perry)

Family: Amaro (father), Kaita (mother), Jinseki (older brother)

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