Introduction Edit

Celine is the Shiny Sky Pearl Princess of the Black Sea. She is 16 years old,and her pearl has 3 Pearl forms: Daylight, Twilight, and Night . She has the facial expression of Sara and her hairstyle. She is the cousin of Diaspora, princess of the Italian Sea, and Sara, princess of the Indian Ocean.Her job is to help the mermaids when they need her in deep situations. Her human form is white hair, orange eyes, with an blue skirt and a periwinkle ting top.

Personality Edit

Celine is known to be fair,nice,and kind, but when she was evil and lived with Sara, her heart turned cold. After she met up with Haru Yamasaki, her lover from the past , she found out that the kiss with the girl he hated was the girl doing it on purpose to make her feel bad when she came home with Haru to Japan. Then, Celine forgave him, and joined the Mermaid Princesses group.

Structure And Color Edit

Celine has a white crystal mermaid form, but the color changes when the sky changes colors . For example, if the sky turns night time to daylight, her tail changes to that color.When she was evil, her mermaid form was a clear crystal sky blue form.

Forms: Day, Twilight, Night, Evil (Celine"s eye color stays the same)

In day time, Celine's dress is shiny gold, with crystal blue shoes, yellow hair, light blue gloves.

In twilight, her dress is shiny pale orange, with with gold shoes,shiny twilight hair, orange yellow gloves.

In night, her dress is shiny sapphire blue,sky blue shoes, shiny black hair, black gloves.

In evil, her dress is light dark blue, silver gloves, pale hair, white shoes.

Voice Actor Edit

Romi Park (Japanese) , Elaine (English)

Songs Edit

System Freyja

Again -Yui

Once Upon A December

Ashita- Kuru -Hi

Northern Lights (Shaman King)

Glide( Lily Vocaloid)

Unmei No Ori

Let It Go

Genesis Aria

Risky Game (Hatsune Miku)

A Thousand Years

Monochrome (Stardriver OST)

Eternal Snow -(Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

Quotes: Edit

"Ah...............the wind reminds me when I played with my cousin Sara."

"Chrisa-san, do you hate me?"

"Aw, Tarou-chan,I know how you feel about Sara."

"Shiny Sky Pearl Voice!"

"Let's sing!"

"Shiny Sky Pearl Voice Triple Form Combine!"

"Why did I want to sing to Tarou-san's tune?"


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