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Christina is Lucia's little sister. Unlike her sister, though, she is not that good of a singer, as revealed in episode 16. She is the one of the main villians of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch: Voices of the Black Ocean, debuting in episode 2.


Christina is cruel, only respecting Lucia, Hanon, Courtney (sometimes) and Noel. She becomes evil due to the fact that when Lucia fell in love with Kaito, she spent less time with her. Overall, she loves her older sister, and is always upset when they're seperated.



In her human form, Christina has short yellow hair and brownish eyes. She wears a ribbon around her neck, and dresses depending on her day:

Sunday = Red
Monday = Yellow
Tuesday = Blue
Wednesday = Pink
Thursday = Orange
Friday = Green
Saturday = Purple


Christina has pink hair as a mermaid. One of her eyes is red, and the other is pink. Her bra and tail are both red.