Introduction Edit

Diaspora is the Crystal Jewel Pearl mermaid princess of the Italian Sea. She is 15 years old , and has the pearl that lets her take form of her older and younger self. She has a flowing hairstyle and has facial eyes of Yugi Motou. Her job is to help the mermaids when they need her the most.Her human name is Alysion. Edit

Personality Edit

Diaspora is known to be very nice but strict. Sometimes, she gets angry when her head starts to ache. She likes Katyusha, Ruka, and Serena. Also she can be very emotional. Edit

Structure And Color Edit

Diaspora has a jewel rainbow tail, blue eyes , and silver hair . In human form, she is wearing a white shirt with a navy blue skirt. Edit

Voice Edit

Elaine(English and Japanese)( She is the creator of this character)

Songs: Edit

Umineko No Naru Ni

Killer Lady

Iroha No Uta

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

For The First Time in Forever

Kono Sekai Wa Bokura Wo Matteita

Watashi Wa Souzurusuru

Hajimari No Resolution

Sister's Noise

Hakushi Kassai Uta Awase

Henai No Rondo

Guren No Yumiya

Nyan Koi Opening


Hello, are you Luchia -sama ?

Oh, I can fix that, Tessa.

Help! Ruka's on a rampage !

Yay ! Miso soup !

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