Meet Enina Tokura! Edit

Enina is a shy eight-year-old who is the princess of the Arabian Sea. She does not know Japanese or English so it's tough for her to communicate with Japanese and American humans. She is lonely because of her mother's death seven years ago until she meets her friends. She is also the keeper of the lime Pearl. She inherited it from her mother. Her mother died in an incident on land so Enina is scared to go on land. Until she meets Kippo, Hippo's younger sister, when she teaches Enina how to use the lime Pearl to transform into an idol. Kippo is now Enina's pet pink penguin. Emnina's last name became Tokura when she touches land for the first time and gets caught by Hiroko, a feminine fashion designer who lives by the beach. Enina lives with Hiroko near St. Crystal Beach, a private beach which Henri owns. Enina has a light green tail with dark green pearl bracelets around it. She wears a dark green shell bikini top and wears a lime green shell necklace containing her Pearl around her neck. Enina wears a ruffly white dress with a green bow on her waist. She does not attend school but is given sewing lessons everyday by Hiroko. Enina has a shy and quiet personality and is good at sewing, thanks to Hiroko. Enina does not like anyone on land but soon falls in love with a brave boy named Yuiichi. She tries her hardest to get his attention but finally considers going steady with him. Enina has lime green wavy long hair as a mermaid/idol, and has short wavy dark green hair as a human. She has yellow eyes in all forms. In her idol form, Enina wears a white shirt with a yellow bow in the middle, and a lime green skirt that is trimmed with dark green ruffles. Enina does not know the grownup mermaid princesses but meets Lucia in her princess dress in a dream. She sings a few songs:

My Sweet Paradise

I Wanna Go Home

Bravery In Your Eyes

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