Hinami Nanakawa


Nanakawa Hinami

Name in Kanji

奈々川 雛み




Takeru Nanakawa (father)
Suzuka Touin (grandmother)
Yuri Nanakawa (brother)
Rina Touin (ancestor)

Body of Water she rules

North Atlantic


Singing, music, rain, squids



Voice Actor

Miyuki Sawashiro

Hinami Nanakawa (奈々川 雛み Nanakawa Hinami) is the protagonist of the fan fiction that will be made by Hikaruaizora.


Human FormEdit

Hinami's overall appearances is the one of a human, and her looks is older than her real age. She has a pair of green eyes. Her hair is short, and it is also green. She tends to wear accessories on her hair, and it's different everyday.

Hinami is quite short for her age. She stands for 5'7", and proud of it. She tends to wear a casual clothes, and most of them are feminine clothes.

Mermaid FormEdit

Hinami did not have a mermaid form. She come from another planet, and there are no mermaid's blood runs through her veins.


Born 17 years ago in the plane called Poplar. She is the princess of the planet, and known as Hinami ojou-sama there. She is the youngest child of her family.

Hinami has a twin brother. His name is Teru. He is in the military, and he is the reason of why Hinami goes to Earth.

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