Meet Hiroko Tokura! Edit

Hiroko is Enina's guardian and is very kind and gentle. Enina says she reminds her of her mother. Unlike, Nikora, Lucia's scary older sister. Hiroko is an experienced fashion designer who lives on the beach. One day she sees a clueless human Enina on accident. She catches her and decides to keep her as her own. She treats her as she'd treat her own daughter. Hiroko seems to have no family, but she actually has a twin brother named Henri who owns the beach Hiroko lives in. She had permission by Henri to live on his beach for 70,000,000 yen. Hiroko is rich because she sews cute dresses for a popular boutique. She has long straight brown hair with straight bangs and orange eyes. She smiles like a mom. And, according to Enina, she smells like ginger. Hiroko is also a good cook. She says her family owns a café, but it recently closed down for a big business owned by Kokona's father. It is revealed that Hiroko is also a mermaid. She has a brown tail and wears an orange shell bikini top. She must be from the Indian Ocean or the Caspian Sea. She has a deceased grandmother who is only a mermaid. She appears as a spirit from her plain brown heart locket. Hiroko is a tree hugger and hates witnessing trees being cut down.

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