Isabella is the Mermaid Princess of the Arctic Ocean. She debuts as a shy, blond-haired girl, but she overcame her shyness when she met Courtney and Iris.

Blood Type: A

Birthday: December 21st

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Family: Noel (older sister)

Karen (older sister)

William (younger twin brother)


Isabella is very nice, but she's so shy, no one would be her friend. She goes crazy when she sees anything pink or red, as they're her favorite colors. When she was in elementary school, she was very lonely, but met two girls named Cindy and Maria. They said they were her friends, but they would always tease and bully her. Luckily, they moved away before they could do anything else to her.




In her human form, Isabella has blond hair with a pink ribbon in it and green eyes. Also, usually, she wears a pink shirt, purple jeans, and yellow sneakers.


In her mermaid form, Isabella's eyes are pink. Her hair is turquoise and green. Her bra is orange, and her tail is yellow, red and green with purple rings.


In her idol form, Isabella's eyes are still pink, and her hair is still torquiose and green. Her gloves are purple, her outfit is orange and yellow, and her boots are red.


Isabella's voice is medium with a higher tone in some songs. In Beware, she sang really deep to get a more mature voice.

These songs are what Isabella sings:

  • I Want To Change
  • Beware
  • Your Bright Smile
  • Promised Land
  • Gomennasai
  • I'll Never Be Alone

Voice Actress (Japanese): Mitara Shirayuki

Voice Actress (English): Jennifer Brown



M-my name is Isabella A-Arcobaleno.....

Wow! You're so awesome!

I d-didn't mean to d-do that... I'm so sorry!!!

Please d-don't hurt m-me!


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