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Karin Kagami is the fourth mermaid princess in Mermaid Melody and is the keeper of the Red Pearl.

Karin is a tough girl with the strength of an ox. She is quite athletic, as her muscles show. She plays basketball with the boys rather than playing with the girls. She is not afraid to confront a bully and beat up a stalker. She has gotten expelled from one school, abut soon transferred to Serena, Aya, and Reina's school. She is the special one who fights only for her kingdom. She is serious and tough, but remains loyal to her friends.

Karin has red hair worn in a side ponytail and has dark red eyes. None of her appearance changes.

Birthday: March 25

Star Sign: Aries

Blood Type: O

Age: 14-15

Favorite Subject: Health/Gym

Least Favorite Subject: English

Hopes to Go: Taiwan

Birthplace: Coral Sea

Favorite Food: Japanese Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Pudding

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Flower: Azalea

Favorite Type of Boys: Athletic Boys

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