Kotori Nanomiya is the granddaughter of Lucia Nanami and the new princess of the North Pacific Ocean. Kotori now owns the Pink Pearl and can turn into Pink Pearl Voice as her grandmother could. Kotori is the main protagonist of Mermaid Melody Popstars.


As a mermaid, Kotori Nanomiya has long pink hair in enormous high ponytails; just like Lucia, except she had blonde hair. Kotori also has red eyes, a pink seashell top, and a pink mermaid tail. She loves swimming in the sea and visiting other ocean kingdoms, although Lucia does not allow it. Kotori rescued a handsome boy named Caleb Chihiru and fell in love with him at first sight as a child. But unusually this time, he woke up and saw her before she could go back to sea. But Caleb refused to tell anyone else about it, no matter how curious anyone was. Eventually, though, he forgot about Kotori and got a new girlfriend named Haruka as a tween. But then he broke up with her. As a teenage mermaid, Kotori finally remembered Caleb and immediately swam up to land to find him. With her pet pink penguin mascot Airi, Kotori magically turned into a human to search for Caleb undercover. When she found him, they fell in love all over again. Caleb has already proposed marriage to her and they are getting married once they turn eighteen.

As a human, Kotori is much taller than she is as a mermaid/idol. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Her hair is down really long to her waist and has slightly darker pink hair and brown eyes. She wears a reddish pink and white sailor uniform like Lucia did. Kotori wears her pearl locket, which is pink. She has a tiny chest and a tiny waist, but doesn't care that she is made fun of for it. She is extremely skinny and fit.


Kotori is highly fun-loving and energetic. She is outgoing and friendly towards her friends and classmates, plus her teachers. She is mostly well-behaved, although she did have detention once for being late too many times, where she met her rebel friend Victoria. Kotori loves Caleb dearly and is already sure what she's going to name her first child! She is quite athletic and cannot sit still in a seat. She is a girly girl, meaning she wears lots of bows, frilly clothes, and the color pink. Kotori's favorite food of all time is macaroni and cheese, and her favorite drink is chamomile tea. She regularly hangs out at the Fruit Bar, where Caleb works part-time. Kotori wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up because she is very talented at sewing and designing clothes. She prefers to stay "natural", so she never wears makeup unless it's in nude colors. Overall, Kotori is a very, lively, crazy fashionista.


Sachiko: Mother

Hiteiru: Father

Lucia: Grandmother

Kaito: Grandfather

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