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Liliana Medis Edit

Liliana is the princess of the Gulf Of Mexico. Her main color is turquoise, with magenta accents. A tragic accident happened when she was being born, causing her personality, appearance, and colors to be split in half. Nobody knows what it was, but it was both a good and bad thing.

Appearance Edit

Liliana has two different colors: turquoise and magenta. On her left side she has dark blue hair as a human, turquoise hair as a mermaid. On her right her hair is dark magenta and as a mermaid it is a lighter pink. Her pearl is also two colors, turquoise providing lower, alto tones of voice, whil the magenta side is soprano, higher singing. Liliana has extremely pale skin, and often complains about it.

Personality Edit

Liliana has a very complicated, mixed attitude. When her left side is activated, she appears very calm and collected. She has a mature personality and is very responsible when in this mode. When it is her right side, she is more cheerful and outgoing. She has an uncontrollable energy for having fun and cannot sit still. Despite this weird disorder, her friends still love her. But Liliana has had a very depressing past. When she was born, her parents thought she was weird so they abandoned her and transformed her into a human forever. Luckily, though, a teenage girl named Remi saved her and decided to raise her as her own. When Liliana started kindergarten, she was made fun of by other kids who thought she was "sick". She would come home crying everyday, but Remi called her an annoying crybaby because she was still a young teen. But when Liliana was 8, she made her first friend. Kaila Juniper became her friend, no matter what sickness she had. Liliana and Kaila were BFFs for a long time, neither of them knowing the other's secrets. But as teenagers, Liliana caught Kaila as a mermaid and got into a fight because they had been keeping secrets for years without knowing it. They did not talk to each other for months. But when they met Delfina, they all compromised and kept their secret that they were all mermaids. Liliana went by Lily, Kaila was KJ, and Delfina was Fin.

Other Info Edit

Full Name: Liliana Victoria Medis

Nickname: Lily

Parents: Lucille & Jafar Korsel (deceased)

Guardian: Remi Medis

Friends: Kaila, Delfina, Nevaeh

Enemies: Addison, Jane Elizabeth

Love Interest: Ben

Birthdate: August 14

Star Sign: Leo

Favorite Food: Strawberries

Least Favorite Food: Bacon

Allergic To: Cucumbers/Pickles

Fave Flower: Orchids

School: Pearl Bay Academy

Fave Animal: Rabbits

Songs Edit

Tell Me What To Say (with Delfina and Kaila)

No Ordinary Girl (solo)

I Just Wanna Be (with Kaila)

Pity Party (with Delfina)

Play That Song (with Kaila and Delfina)

Carmen (with Nevaeh)

Lily specializesin pop and alternative music. She sucks at rap and heavy metal

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