Mermaids are disappearing. Loners and orphans mostly, from small Seas instead of main Oceans. The ones no one will miss. Until, that is, Natalya Nosova, the would-be Pearl holder from the Sea of Okhotsk, joins the growing list of the missing. After Marya formally expressed her outrage, the royal families from the main Oceans, as well as smaller bodies of water, finally started to take notice. Not that much of anything different was happening. After waiting for as long as her patience would allow, Natalya's younger sister Katyusha finally swore that she would go out and find Natalya herself. Joined by Azumi, the leader and Pearl holder from a neighbouring Sea, Katyusha starts her journey. Without any idea of what exactly is happening to the Mermaids who are being abducted, and indeed if they are still alive, the possibly insane duo sets off and hopes for the best.


More will be added later. Yep.


Katyusha "Kitty-san" Nosova - "Princess" of The Sea of Okhotsk

Chisa Azumi - "Princess" of The Sea of Japan

Eirene Bayoumi - Princess of the Mediterranean



Luna's Mistress


I've been toying with this idea for a while now and I think I'd like to try it, but I'm not sure if it would really be a good idea. You know how back on the TMM fanon wiki Destiney has those walls of text on her page detailing everything that's happened in her past and in her story so far? I was thinking of doing only that and telling the story that way. It would be tricky to pick which order I updated the pages in, but I think I could make it work and since a lot of things about Luna and her Mistress would be a lot clearer if I could just spell them out, I think this might work better.

Scratch that, it will work better (plus I've already started on Natalya's page).

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