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Mermaid Princesses

Mermaid Princesses are the royalty of the seas. They all rule different colors, some have an acception to be a different color than those she rules. In fanon, because of the coming of the young, new mermaid princesses, they decided to split the seas up so they didn't have any fights or wars. And because of that, many princesses had to leave their mothers when they were ready to take on the challenge of ruling the new seas.

Color Coding (fanon)

Color Coding is how we can tell what type of mermaid the Princess is! Please check the rule and see what type of Mermaid you are! (Note: Although the mermaid is born off of a specific one, they don't have to be their mothers color! And you can apply for your color to be under the accepted rule on the Talkpage!)

  • Antarctic - Different shades of purple, can have any eyes, hair, and seashell bra. Under an accepted rule they can also be turqoise.
  • Arctic - Deep blue, can also be under an accepted rule as any shade of darker blue. They can have any Hair color, eye color, or seashell bra.
  • North Pacific - Any shade of pink, can have any hair color, eye color, or seashell bra.
  • South Pacific - Yellow, under an accepted rule they can be citrus green. They can have any color eyes or seashell bra.
  • South Atlantic - Any shade of a lighter blue, any eyes, hair, or seashell bra.
  • North Atlantic - Any shade of green, any eyes, hair, or seashell bra.
  • Indian - Orange, any shade. Any eyes or Seashell bra
  • Malaysian - Different shades of purple, any eyes and seashell bra. Hair can be any color but blond.
  • Egyptian - Sandy beige to brown, any eyes and hair, gold seashell bra.
  • Bermuda triangle - white to dark grey, any hair color must have black eyes and two tone pearls.
  • Tokyan - Candy Red (Or Pinkish Rouge), can have any color hair and eyes.
  • Red Sea - Red, any eyes and hair or seashell bra

Ocean List

Please add any ocean or other body of water you like! We can have a lot up here, just make sure you choose a country for its name so we know where it is!

  • African Ocean
  • Alaskan Ocean
  • Angolian Ocean
  • Antarctic Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean, North
  • Atlantic Ocean, South
  • Australian Ocean
  • Bermuda Triangle Ocean
  • Brazillian Ocean
  • British Ocean
  • Canadian Ocean
  • Chinese Ocean
  • Egyptian Ocean
  • Floridian Ocean
  • French Ocean
  • German Ocean
  • Hawaiian Ocean
  • Icelandic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Irish Ocean
  • Japanese Ocean
  • Malaysian Ocean
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Mongolian Ocean
  • Norwegian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean, North
  • Pacific Ocean, South
  • Pennsylvanian Ocean
  • Philipian Ocean
  • Russian Ocean
  • Scottish Ocean
  • Spainiard Ocean
  • Tasmianian Ocean
  • Tokyan Ocean
  • Tongan Ocean
  • Celtic Ocean

Small Bodies of Water

Small bodies of water function much the same way as their larger counterparts. They're not oceans or large seas, but they do still have Pearls. Their Pearls aren't passed down through a royal family though, these bodies of water fall under the rule of the ocean in which they are contained.


Rivers are independent from the oceans and are governed by one mermaid princess per continent. Each continent has a main river, and all other rivers are ultimately governed by the princess of that main river.

  • Yangtze River
  • Nile River
  • Amazon River
  • Murray River
  • Makenzie River
  • Volga River
  • Onyx River
  • Yarra River
  • Swan River


Please list which body of water your princess rules.


The original 7

Lucia - North Pacific Princess

Hanon - South Atlantic Princess

Rina - North Atlantic Princess

Coco - South Pacific Princess

Sara - Deceased Indian Ocean Princess

Siera - Indian Ocean Princess

Noel - Arctic Ocean Princess

Karen - Antarctic Ocean Princess


Destiney - Arctic Ocean

Archer - Antarctic Ocean

Tia - Indian Ocean

Holly - Red Sea

Hatshepsut - Red Sea (retired)

Hallie - Red Sea (future)

Wendy - North Pacific Ocean (temporarily)

Evie - South Altantic Ocean (occasionally)

Brittany - South Pacific Ocean (temporarily)

Heidi - North Atlantic Ocean (temporarily)

Angelica - Bermuda Triangle (temporarily)

Sieanna - North Pacific Ocean

Thirza - (Still to be decided)

Kaimena - Malaysian Ocean

Isis - Egyptian Ocean

Darangel - Tokyan Ocean

Zaniha - Alaskan Ocean

Hitomi- South Atlantic Ocean

Meiling - Yangtze River

Courtney - South Pacific Ocean

Iris - North Pacific Ocean

Isabella - Arctic Ocean

Stacy - North Atlantic Ocean

Jamie - Antarctic Ocean

Katie - Indian Ocean

Sunny - South Pacific Ocean

Mary Anne - Indian Ocean

Bianca - South Atlantic Ocean