Mermaid Melody Pop Stars fanon Wiki

one of the color overs i did

noel and coco color overs

this was my first color over, its of karen oviosaly,(pardon my spelling)

one of my favorite color overs. i think the look looks really good on her

sieras colorover, isnt she cute?

the black beauty sisters colored over

almost all of the mermaids in the color over

one last color over of them together!

So these are the color overs of some generation and the black beauty sisters or whatever, i hope you guys like them. in the future i will have origonal characters of the next generation. till then, i have to admit, saras color over is my fav, but i do really like the others too. it took me a while. it says from the manga i am a orange pearl princess, and it totally matches my personality, so i will give you guys some origonal characters of me and my friend later