New Yellow Pearl Princess Asona

User15934 pic110160 1300988170.png
Asona in her human form close up

this is a mermaid melody character of my friend. it said she was a yellow pearl voice and it totally matched, so i made this. this is my friends dark yellow mermaid princess's human form. this is her .she is the older daughter of gaito and sarah by 5 months as that her sister the dark orange pearl voice is younger just by 5 months. i made up these drawing colorvoer things from mermaid melody, the orange one is dark orange pearl voice, her name is well it won't let me say, but it is japenese for close e.g. friend, but they are both 16. the yellow one is my friend, and she is dark yellow pearl voice. they are twins, like noel and karen from mermaid melody!

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