Name: Theluji Ndoto Age:13 Princess of the Cape of good hope Pearl:Crimson

This is Theluji Ndoto

She is the princess of the Cape of Good Hope


Human form: She doesnt leave the comfort of her palace.

Idol form: she uses her idol form to scare off evil, but she if often shy and tries to hide.

Spotting her is very rare because she is shy

Mermaid Form: She has the Crimsom pearl, she has a deep red tail and long flowing red hair.. she will sometimes were shells in her hair.

Song: Graceful wish.


Within the darkness which I see, in the depths from the Hope's sea.

It's gentle warmth that's calling me will be peaceful.

Mother of the light will protect me, as a dream the longing dream.

As the sunset on the cape I will always remember, forever when my dream come true!

As I watch the starry night, I will always keep my in my heart.

I will always dream that the stars guide me.

and I wish you sweet dreams that the night brings so peacfully.

Let the Crimson Pearl guide you kindly.

She will follow people quietly if she sees someone. if spotted she will hide quickly so she is not spotted.

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