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Reina Suzumi is the third mermaid princess to appear in Mermaid Melody Pop Stars and is the keeper of the Mint Pearl. She is also a protagonist.

Reina is a shy girl who loves to cook and is very good at it. She brings her delicious creations to school, but never shows anyone, due to a serious accident when she was in kindergarten. She was on land for a long time. She lives in a suburban house with her single aunt Chokorato, a popular chef on a cooking show. Reina wants to be just like her aunt. Reina is Serena's third friend.

Reina has short dark green hair worn in pigtails and brown eyes as a human, and light green hair worn in longer pigtails and dark green eyes as a mermaid or idol. She looks as if she were seven, according to Serena. Of course, that hurt her feelings.

Birthday: May 12

Star Sign: Taurus

Blood Type: A positive

Birthplace: Hilo Bay

Age: 14

Favorite Subject: Cooking

Least Favorite Subject: Geography

Favorite Food: Green Vegetables

Least Favorite Food: Sour Candy

Favorite Color: Mint Green

Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Favorite Type of Boys: Kind and Gentle Boys

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