Serena Himemiya
The mermaid princess of the Mid-Pacific Ocean.Mermaid princess serena


Name: Serena Himemiya (セレナ姫宮 Himemiya Serena)
Race: Furry
Age: 12
Birthday: May 18
Birthplace: the toilet
Blood Type: "blud type wtf is that??"

Personal Information

Star Sign: "there are signs on the stars??"
Alias: Serena The Slut
Hobby: humping pillows, reading dead memes, sending nudes to her classmates
Talent: Error Not Found
Favorite Subject: Lunch
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Color: shit brown
Favorite Flower: "whats a flower?"
Favorite Food: dick
Least Favorite Food: skittles
Favorite Type of Boy: thicc bois
Hopes To Go: Hell
Image Song: My Humps
Profession: Cosplayer, Stripper, Meme Queen


Love Interest: about everyone in her school
Best Friends: her body pillows

Production Information

Voice Actress: Ariana Grande
Position in the Series: Protagonist

Serena Himemiya (セレナ姫宮 Himemiya Serena) is a furry otaku who cosplays as a mermaid and sucks dick to beat her enemies. she met the real mermaid princesses at a comic con and asked them to give her mermaid powers and had a foursome with them in return. she has slept with all the boys in her school and is now sleeping with the teachers.

Personality == Serena... oh gawd. she was born in the toilet because she came outta her mom's fat ass instead of her cunt. she lives in the internet with all her meme friends. she literally humps her body pillows at night because she is so lonely. she is really really dumb but her big tits make up for it. she likes to talk like ariana grande and wears cat ears to school and even acts like one. she likes to give her teachers head to get good grades. she smokes a lot of weed and listens to the next episode by dr. dre while she smokes. she is only twelve but looks fifteen. she doesn't know any math past third grade math, when she lost most of her brain cells. she also loves meeeemes.

Serena's Appearance Edit

Serena has long orange hair in her human form and long blonde hair while as a mermaid or in her idol form. She also has blue eyes in her human form and as a mermaid or an idol. She usually wears a Rainbow Necklace shaped like a winged sea shell that contains her pearl.

Forms And AspectsEdit

As a mermaid, Serena has to transform into a human in order to stay on land. When she is facing a enemies , she transforms into her idol form, Rainbow Pearl Voice. and uses her voice as offensive attack.

Human Form

"Hai Lucia. Nice to meet you" said Serena.


as a human she wears a super short skirt and a buttoned shirt to school so that she can get boys. she brushes her hair and wears bows to look like a five-year-old and keeps her mouth open 24/7. her legs are very thin so she fails to get guys at school. the only reason anyone likes her is her tittys. she looks like a slut and can be found at your local prostitution ring and at Walmart.

Mermaid Form

Serena’s mermaid form is quite different from her human form. her legs are now very thicc but are stuffed inside a fake mermaid tail. she has no tittys now and her hair is extreemly long. she drank bleach which spread to her hair to make it blond. her eyes are grey and they turn all black when she sees a boy she likes.

Idol FormEdit

Serena idol
Serena himemiya

When facing the enemies, Serena transforms into a slutty pop star like britney spears. she sings x-rated songs and annoying songs to ear rape her enemies. sometimes she dosent even sing. she often shakes her flat ass at a sad attempt to seduce her rivals. she looks like a kawaii idol, but sings like flamingo from yt. sometimes her vocals don't work so she has to give her enemies blowjobs to compromise.

Powers Edit

Serena's powers in brief are:

  • Telekinisis
  • Magic Powers

Serena can sing in a very high pitch to a very low one. She can sing in various accents. She can also do rap. Her character songs are:

I Play Pokemon Go Everyday

Barbie Girl

Mia Khalifa

I'm Already Tracer

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