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Ruling Powers and Pearl

While the Sea of Okhotsk actually falls under the rule of the North Pacific Ocean Princess, the members of the Nosova family are seen as their leaders. The eldest Nosova daughter is given the Dark Red Pearl to take care of once she turns ten, is taught to use her Idol Form at around fifteen, and is expected to relinquish it to her own eldest daughter when she comes of age. Once a Nosova woman’s daughter takes over with the Pearl, she becomes the Head of the family and essentially rules over the sea.

Current Members:

  • Marya Nosova (Head, mother to Natalya and Katyusha)


The native people of the Sea of Okhotsk can have fins of one of two colors. About two thirds of the population have a mid-dark red fin and the other third are a navy, almost black, blue. Most people have a black sea shell bra and a Mermaid’s eye color usually matches her fin. Their hair color is usually white or platinum blonde or black with a bit of a tint and they have relatively pale skin.


The Sea of Okhotsk is located near eastern Russia.

Sea of Okhotsk.png