Destiney the Hedgehog

aka I don't even know.

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Student Artist
  • I am Female

About Me Edit

Urm... let's see here.. Hey everyone! I'm Amyrose1515! I'm a big Noel fan, and my little sister MewArticwolf made this wikia... so if you mess with her you mess with me! Got that?

Status: On or off? = On!

Feeling: Happy

Thoughts: I'm feeling so much more confident now! ^_^ thumb|300px|right
New Me!

Er.. this is me and my Persona, or Fish-sona... um.. ya know.

Where your able to find meEdit

Roblox - Bloomie1123

Sonic Fanon Wikia

Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon Wikia

Deviantart - ShaDestineygirl

AQWorlds - Dessiegal

Current Siggy: Now Slip Into Darkness... Gtyntrnytntyhg Come! Theres no reason to be afraid! 21:22, March 30, 2011 (UTC) (with a line from Ankoku no Tsubasa :3)

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