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Yuki Aqua is a daughter of Karen's. Who is only 12 years old, she tries to become a model, but fails

Personality and Such

Name: Yuki Aqua (Snow Water)

Mother: Karen

Birthday: December 25

Likes: Snow, seals, apples (mainly yellow ones),

music, anime/manga

Dislikes: Pineapples, extreme heat, fire, birds

Theme Song(s):

Japanese: 23:50 by LiSa /

English: (Nothing at the moment)

Yuki is a calm, yet sometimes excitable girl. But she is sorta flirty, like her mother. She tries to keep things as easy and calm as possible, but it never works out, and she ends up being the problem. Yuki tries to become a model, but no one accepts her because she's too young. Every once and while, she can when she drinks beer on accident...